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‘If you wou▓ld care to try’ he said gently, ‘we n


▓eed not delude each other.Life isn’t very lon▓g.One owes it to oneself to try and fin●d a means to happiness.’ ‘Is▓ it that you want to sl


eep wit▓h me’ asked Justine suddenly: disgusted ye▓t touched beyond measure by his tone.‘You m▓ay.Yes.Oh! I would do anything for y●ou, Ness


im — anything.’ But he flinched a▓nd said: ‘I am speaking about an understan▓ding in which friendship and knowledge can tak●e the place of l


ove until and if it comes ▓as I hope.Of course I shall● sleep with you — myself a lover, an▓


d you a friend.Who knows In a▓ year perhaps.All Alexandri▓an marriages are business ventures aft▓er all.My God, Justine, what● a fool you are.Can’t you see ●that we might possibly need ●each other without ever fully realizing it It●’s worth trying.Everything m▓ay stand in the way.But I

●t touch it.?/a>

efore —● had offered her a partnership as coolly desig●ned, as wholly pure in intention.It mu●st be admired from this point o●f view.‘You are not the so▓rt of ma

n to stake everything on a ●single throw at rouge et noir’ she said● slowly.‘Our bankers who are ▓so brilliant with money are notoriously wea●k in the head when i

  • en what sort of life could we make’

    t comes to women.’ Sh●e put her hand upon his wris▓t.‘You should have your doctor examin▓e you, my dear.To take on a woman who▓ has said that she can never lo▓ve you — what sort of temerity is that Ah●, no!’ He did not say anything▓ at all, recognizing that her words we▓re really not addressed to him: they were p

  • Nessi●m looked at her

    ar●t of a long internal argument with her▓self.How beautiful her disaff▓ected face looked — chloroformed ●by its own simplicity: she simply could not beli▓eve that someone might value her for herself  癃 if she had a self.He was indeed,▓ he thought, like a gambler putt●ing everything on the turn of a ▓wheel.She was

鈥淎nd here i am using my own lungs like a sucker. How is education supposed to make
me feel smarter?鈥?/h1>

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